Steunzolen pakket
Ontwikkeld door Podologen
Steunzolen pakket
Ontwikkeld door Podologen

Comfort balance

Product description

Comfort balance package (exercise cloth, exercise ball and comfort balance sole)

With the combination therapy package, the foot muscle is trained with a foot exercise and while walking the foot is supported by the comfort balance sole.

The package ensures that with a flatter or sagging foot, the inner arch is strengthened, which gives balance to the foot and posture. In addition, it can reduce or even counteract a crooked big toe (hallux valgus). All this has a positive influence on knees, hips and lower back. Or your entire attitude.

*The muscle that is most actively trained with the exercise cloth: Abductor hallucis (see picture)

Type of complaint

The package can provide effective relief for heel spurs, flat feet or sagging feet, hallux valgus, pain under the ball of the forefoot, shin pain, overpronation, Achilles complaints, knee pain, hip or back complaints, provides support and support for the posture, which ensures a better balance when standing and walking.

Need an elaboration of the exercise and sole?

The package includes the exercise program and instructions for use.

The soles are easy to cut to the right size using the pre-printed dotted lines.


Balance insole

  • Not all shoes are suitable for soles. The shoes must have a removable footbed.
  • Cut the sole with the indicated dotted line to the correct length.
  • The inner pattern of the shoe should be flat so that the sole fits well into the shoe.
  • The cover of the support sole can be removed with a clean damp cloth.
  • The soles cannot be put in the washing machine.
  • Remove the soles from the shoes after a day of wearing them for extra ventilation.
  • Material EVA springing
  • Material EVA springing
  • Material cover mesh top cover
  • The mesh top cover and EVA can come off by using too much of a foot cream.
  • Support for: arch of the foot, stabilizing the heel, forefoot support and a cushioning cover.
  • Size of the soles: 37/38 Length 250mm-Ball width 85mm. 39/40 Length 264mm-Ball width 87mm. 41/42 Length 278mm-Ball width 90mm. 43/44 Length 291mm Ball width 95mm.
  • Vital-feet provides a 6-month warranty on defects in the material. But not on the normal user tracks as on the mesh cover heel and forefoot.
  • The shell (grey reinforcement) can also be released due to too much perspiration or overpressure.
  • The soles can handle a weight of about 95 kilos

Practice ball

  • Execution of the exercise: roll firmly with the foot over the exercise ball from heel to toes, this does not mean that you have to roll with pain but gently stimulates the foot muscles, nerves and blood circulation.
  • Material: PVC. Latex free, Phthalate free, BPA free and Lead free.
  • It is a Reach compliance (EC 1907/2006) product.
  • Medium hard springing practice ball.
  • Practice ball size: 55 mm
  • Colour: green
  • The practice ball can be rinsed under the tap.
  • You will also find an instruction video on our website.

Practice cloth

  • Μaterial is 100% cotton
  • It is an OEKO-TEX standard 100 product
  • You can wash the exercise cloth at 40 degrees and iron
  • Size: Length 500mm width 210mm
  • You will also find an instruction video on our website.



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